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I’ve got 2 REALLY cool things I’m excited to share with you so stick with me so I can explain them to you in detail and show you exactly what’s about to happen here:

The first thing you’re going to get completely free is a copy of my new book titled Consulting Exposed: Underground Secrets To promoting Yourself As An Expert.

And really, this book isn’t only for consultants.. This is for consultants, coaches, mentors… and any type of skilled service provider .

So why didn’t I call this Service Providers Exposed?..  Well here’s why:

The key to becoming not only a great service provider, but a wildly successful and highly in demand service provider is to STOP CALLING YOURSELF A SERVICE PROVIDER.

Because you’re not.

If you prefer to make a few bucks on Fiverr or Upwork for a living, then sure, yeah, you’re a service provider.

But if you value your time, money and expertise in what you do best, you are not a service provider.

You are a consultant. You are the one who knows what your client needs. They NEED YOU to tell THEM what they need. Not the other way around.

Ditching the service provider label and taking command of your career as a consultant is the key to making not only a living, but a killing doing any type of service work.

In Consulting Exposed, you’re going to see first hand a lot of the tips and tricks I’ve used over the last few years doing service based Copywriting and Marketing consulting work, and how I was able to charge obnoxiously high fee’s and still have more demand than supply for my work.

Today, you’re getting this book 100% free. There are no shipping and handling fee's because you’re downloading a free PDF version of the book. It’s really that simple. 

You can enter your email below after this short letter is finished, and the book will be sent directly to the email you provide, and you can download the book directly from the link inside that email.

Now, on the next page, I’m going to offer you an in depth home study program I’ve developed for consultants (and service providers who should be calling themselves consultants.) I call it The Consulting Exposed Home Study Program.

Listen I understand this market is so jaded and so TIRED of opting in to get these free lead magnets, buying and buying and buying this course and that course… this seminar, that seminar.. this coach or that coach and still NOT making the money you really want in your business.

It’s extremely common for consultants and service providers to die BROKE.
Even if you start getting traction, the few clients you get suck you dry until you want to give up, move to Florida and live under a bridge with your new best friend - a bottle of cheap whiskey and a 6 pack of ICE Extra Lager. .. I remember that feeling.

My goal with this home study program is to get you off your feet, and finally making some real coin. I’m not going into "EVERYTHING you’re going to need to make millions of dollars online!"... that would be ridiculous to say and no one can truthfully show you how to do that. If someone is telling you they can do that, run away.

These are the same principles of human psychology and positioning I used to go from $0 to charging well over $30k for a single sales letter when I was doing this full time, and gave me a comfy 6 figure income within the first year of using them. (Now, you can’t even hire me to write you a letter for less than $100k, but that’s a story for another time.) 

The purpose of this home study is to get you making decent, consistent CASH… Decent meaning comfortably in the multiple 6 figures annually.

These are the same principles I used when I did it. And I’m confident they could work for you if you are an skilled service provider of any kind and you actually put them into practice in your business.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Well if this works so well, why would you sell it to me?”

Simple. I make a lot more money now sharing the same tactics and tricks and human psychology I used when I was actively doing service based consulting work for clients with you

I’ve done my time. I’ve gotten better results than almost anyone I know for myself and especially for my clients. I’m talking many multi-million dollar profitable campaigns.

This is easy for me now, and it’s more profitable for me to make these campaigns for myself. So I’m here to show you what I did, how it works, why it works, and help you get to the same level so you can come hang with us up here.

The course is currently priced at $297 or 3 Payments of $100 for now. I don't know if that will change. No scarcity, I have just been known to change my mind a lot.

So without further adieu - Enter your email below then click the big blue button and you’re going to get my book 100% Free of charge delivered to your email address.

Then, you’re going to get all of the details of the Consulting Home Study Program on the other side of this webpage, and get The Consulting Exposed Home Study Program for a ridiculously affordable fee of only around $300 bucks.  

I used to sell this program for $997.00 last year, and I wanted to make this more achievable for everyone so I can start selling you more advanced meta-level programs when your business and income are ready for it.

So click the button, do the deed and I’ll see you on the next page.

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