I Dare You To Join The Club™ And NOT Dramatically Increase The Ease And Speed You Grow Your New Business  -- 100% Guaranteed!

Or I'll Give You DOUBLE Your Money Back.

Hard to believe? You bet! But the fact is, the results from people just like you proves without a doubt that my unique training style and insight will work like magic for anyone...
  • Jordan went from $2,000 per month to $6,500 per month making a few simple tweaks and easy changes to his sales pitch
  • Ryan broke a personal record and made $10,500 in a single morning by simply presenting a better offer and making a few phone calls!
  • Craig landed a $10,000 project after consulting with me for 30 minutes on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • Amir made a few changes that pulled in a $4,500 personal training client in an industry where you are lucky to get a few hundred dollars.

I know many of you spend countless hours on the computer studying the teachings of every business guru you can find, downloading the latest reports, and attending the latest webinars, learning about...
Copywriting, landing pages, sales letters, Facebook ads, blogging, podcasts, cold traffic,
warm traffic, tripwires, OTO's, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Confusionsoft, email,
autoresponders, lead magnets, Amazon, Google, keywords, links,
SEO, analytics... and on, and on, and on!

After all of this "education", the hours and hours of effort, self sacrifice, money invested, and dedication, not to mention computer problems and the everyday challenges of life - many of you are so overwhelmed, you feel like your only options are to cry, give up, throw up, scream, or just slip into a drooling, confused, babbling state of overwhelm!

The last thing you need is more information. We are drowning in information, yet we are starving for wisdom. You need the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

Dear frustrated entrepreneur,

Damn, I love these sales letters.

When done right, they can be exciting, motivating, and a breath of fresh air in a polluted ocean of wrong information, over-blown promises, and outright scams.

Can I ask you a question though?

Does it bug you that you follow everybody's advice to the letter, yet your business still isn't crushing it like you want it to?

Have you wondered why some of your peers seem to have “cracked the code” to pulling in big profits with their businesses... making sales every day, and living the life you secretly know you should be living?

Have you ever dreamed of making enough money to quit your job, get out of debt, and just hop on a plane to the beach whenever you damn well feel like it?

If so...

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because the secret contained inside could change your life forever.

Not knowing exactly what to do to move your business forward makes your life miserable.

I know first hand because I had one of the worst cases in history. At least it felt that way.

95% of people NEVER succeed at anything they do, including running a fun and profitable online business.

Listen, you are NOT like those other people. They are zombies…

Isn't it time you finally get some real traction here?
Let's Eliminate Your Confusion
Once And For All...

Here's the honest truth:  Despite all of the contradictory and confusing information out there, there are only 6 simple steps to this business, and in order to teach them to you right now, lets use the analogy of a rock band putting on a live show:

1. You need to find a hungry group of people to sell to (Your audience)
2. You need songs (products or services to sell to them)
3. You need a commercial to create desire and sell tickets 
4. You need to setup your platform or stage to perform or host your show (Your website or blog)
5. You need to get the word out about your show (Through Facebook, mail, radio, podcasts, Youtube, Google etc...)

That's It!
And despite some people purposely trying to confuse you in order to keep you buying from them like a hamster on a wheel, there are right ways and very wrong ways to do those things. Unfortunately, people teaching this stuff either:

X - They have never sold a dollar online themselves (You'd be surprised how many people come to me asking advice on how to sell a course they made teaching people the exact thing they are asking me about!)

X - They teach this stuff in a way that inflates their ego instead of your wallet. I swear, some of these guys just want to sound smart and hear their own voices.

I want you to actually make money.

What a crazy concept!

In order to do that, it is of level 10 importance you are only given exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it (and not one bit more) so you can give yourself the gift of focus and power.
So I Created The Club™

I put all of my step-by-step training into a private members area, along with cheat sheets, resources, fill in the blank templates, and other secret documents you will not find anywhere else. I call it:

The Club.

This is a private club where we strip away all the bullshit, and get to the core of how to start and run an online business of your own from scratch.

This is a club where we start from ground zero, step by step, each month building upon the last until you have a real business making you real money...

Let me tell you something:

If you go through the training, follow directions, and get help when needed, and DON’T give up... I can guarantee you will be able to quit your job in 6 months or less.

Let me make you a promise...

you go through the entire training and put it into practice, you can have a $10,000 per month or more online business at the end of 12 months.

It could be a lot less depending on how hard you work.

But you have to actually do the work. Most people who do any sort of training get NO results.

Just do the damn work and make the money...

Whether you are selling old comic books, guitar training, beef jerky, candles, or weight loss courses… doesn’t matter. The formula is the same.

The principles are the same for everyone.
  • Imagine how it will feel to finally watch your business take off!
  • Imagine waking up everyday knowing you are making the right business decisions...
  • Imagine knowing your family and future will be taken care of because you were smart enough to get help at the right time
  • The proof I can help inspire and teach you is you are excited and hopeful reading this letter!
Why Should You Listen To A Word I Say?
I doubt it is because my words feel like a chorus of angels blessing the entire world all at once, so it must be something else...

Truth be told, a few short years a go I wasn't qualified to give you advice on how to build your business. In fact...
  I Was So Broke I Couldn't
Afford To Pay Attention!
I didn't know how or when I was gonna "make it"... but I knew why.

The heart attack I told you about in the video scared me straight. I tasted the threat of dying without my life meaning anything and let me tell you something: You do not want to feel that regret.

So, I decided to get moving.

I quickly got a job at Pizza Hut, but got fired after only two days.

I then decided to start my first business building pallets (Those wooden crates that get shipped with product stacked on em)

By July, I had effortlessly ran that company into the ground.

I guess you can't just rewire bad habits overnight.

Anyway, I was extremely determined. I started ferociously reading any and EVERY business book known to man. You name it, I read it.

I became a knowledge junky. By the end of the first year, I had read over 600 books in the area of sales and marketing.

I got turned on to Tony Robbins and began consuming everything he put out.

Every video, audio tape, book, and seminar that existed on the topic of psychology, marketing, sales, and business. I'd even go so far as to listen to these books as I slept.

Every night... non stop. I was committed to changing my life.

Did I mention I was dead broke? I would usually avoid having a job just so I could stay home and study this stuff.
  Then I Did Something
Really Smart!
I enrolled in college.

I thought business school would be a great way to further my budding business career.
However, through studying the most successful people in the world, it became extremely clear “business school” would be absolutely useless to me.

School grooms you to be an excellent manager - a cog in the wheel... nothing wrong with that, but definitely not for me.

So I dropped out, and started my second business: Mowing lawns.

I actually did alright for a while. Juggling about 20 clients; I even hired on a few friends.
Anyway, this time it took me all of 3 months to self sabotage and run it completely into the ground.

I'd repeat this pattern with a tool rental business, and some other business idea I can't even remember now.

No matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to get out of my own way! It was incredibly depressing.

I told everyone around me I would be a success. After a while, I started to look and feel delusional.

I ended up homeless for a week.

How absurd... there is zero reason to be homeless in Canada!

I don't know if you can relate to a story this extreme, but let me tell you..

the feeling of not being able to even FEED yourself but at the same time KNOWING the secrets to business...yet not being able to put them into use...was maddening to say the least.

The only time in my life I contemplated just ending it all.

Sure, I could have reached out to family and friends, but I was full of too much pride.
  I Finally Began To
   Turn It Around...
One day, sitting on the couch at my parents house, something inside me snapped.

I told myself that never again would I be so foolish. Never again would I be so weak. Never again would I accept for my life anything but the best.

I deserved to live a good life! (and so do you).

And remember, I was studying like crazy this entire time.

By this point, I am at 10,000+ hours of studying sales and marketing.

People ask me "How come you know this stuff so well?" Well, I'd have to be an idiot not to... look at all the learning I did!

One good thing I did have going for me was I had learned from Tony Robbins to only study what the very best in the world are teaching.

And that is why today, everything I say is so on point. I learned from the top down. Jay Abraham was my first mentor, and he may very well be the best marketing mind who ever existed.

Anyway, things began to slowly change for me.

From 2009 to 2013:
  • Moved from Canada To Miami beach to start a web design business 
  • Got hired as the assistant to popular businessman Ryan Moran
  • Started a social media agency in Toronto
  • Moved to Las Vegas
  • Started another marketing business that allowed me to travel to Europe, and meet very influential people like W.G Kellogg, and Tanya Mattel
  • Started a landscaping business and built it up from zero to $30,000 per month within 60 days

As you can tell, it takes a long time to ditch bad habits and essentially rewire your brain for success.

If you are wondering how long it is going to take you to be successful... just hang in there!

I almost gave up plenty of times...

Success is a stubborn bastard.

Things are good these days, I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am.

I am the president of Opposed Media, and our mission is to show people how to break free from conformity so they can take the risks necessary to begin to live the dreams that are stuck inside their head.
If I Show You Other People, Just Like You, Who
Are Doing Exactly What You Want To Do... Would
You At Least Believe It Is Possible For You?
You'll Be Taken By The Hand And Shown Exactly What
To Do, Step-By-Step, Until You Succeed!
Are you seriously going all the way with this? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become successful? Are you willing to forget about what all the naysayers in your life are always harping on about?

Above all, are you willing to take the necessary steps to follow the exact outline we set out for you, that must be made?

If you can answer yes to ALL of the above, then please proceed.

Otherwise, this probably is not for you.


Do not expect to get rich overnight or even in the next 12 months. Do not expect this to be the last thing you ever need to invest in while building your empire. Do not be an idiot like so many other "magic bullet" seekers are. You are about to learn the foundations in a clear, logical way so you can hit the 10k/month mark quickly. There is advanced training and live events we offer - this is just the foundation to get you rocking.

Told You I Would Be Brutally Honest With You.

Nothing will happen for you unless you join the club, and actually DO something with it.

Each Month You'll Receive:
  • A motivational video message
  • Your training for the month
  • Your worksheets and homework
  • Your resource cheat sheet and templates
  • “Look over our shoulder” as we do it all with you
  • An inspirational interview with another successful business hustler
  • Entrepreneurs in the news (5 minute angry rant commentary)
  • Access to our entire podcast episode library (solid business advice gold)
Comparable training goes for $2000 to $30,000 and there are some excellent mentors out there.

What makes The Club unique, is the training is so clear, so perfectly taught... you will be having constant "aha moments". These are the moments that will change your life!

You cant take back an epiphany, and it is my job to load you up with them.

The investment to join the club is only $9.95/month.

Here have a sneak peak into month one and two:
A Quick Question For You:
Are you motivated by freedom?

Or are you motivated by security...

Doing what you are told like a good little sheep.

You want freedom and happiness?

To work your own hours.. to travel wherever the hell you want to? To do what YOU like to do..

Or do you want to stay on that little hamster wheel, in debt, miserable, and watching other people live a life of adventure you know you should be living.

The person who chooses security over freedom deserves neither.

You can’t have both.

Besides, security is just an illusion.
Highest security = Prison. Zero freedom, but maximum security. All of their needs are provided for them but they give up their freedom.

Are you living in a mental prison?

What do you choose? Job security or financial freedom?

"If you choose security, someone is always telling you what hours to work, how much you make, and even when you can eat your lunch. That is the price of security."
It’s time to stand up for what you believe in.

It’s time to take what’s yours. It’s time to live the life you want to live instead of watching it on TV.

Let me be clear: We help people build real businesses. None of the get rich quick stuff. Real training.

Click the red button below this text to join the club, or click here. It’s $9.95/month and you can cancel at any time.

The first month is all about exactly how to choose the perfect product or service to sell, and how to figure out exactly who to sell to, which industries to avoid, and which ones to be in.

I will remove ALL doubt of what idea to run with… trust me, this is half the battle. Get this right, and you will feel confident enough to “go all in”.

Join the club today.

To your continued success,

Mitch Miller.

P.S. Ill make you a deal: Join The Club. Anytime within the first month, you feel it is not for you, for any reason... just let me know and I will give you DOUBLE your money back. Sound fair?


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